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Hi, we are AuthenticEat! We're a team in an entrepreneurship class at NYU and are developing a food experience service where New Yorkers can enjoy authentic home-cooked food of countries around the world. We are looking for anyone who wants to try out our alpha-version service :-)

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Upcoming Events

These initial dining events are for market testing. Please give us your feedback after the event :-)

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Cooking Class

Japanese Ichiju-Sansai meal cooking class

At Downtown Brooklyn. Ask for schedule.

Cost: $50 per person

Host: Keita


・ご飯: Rice

・お味噌汁: Miso-soup

・鮭の味噌焼き: Miso glazed salmon

・人参しりしり: Okinawa-style stir fried carrot with egg

・ほうれん草の胡麻和え: Lightly boiled spinach seasoned with sesame

Past Events


Japanese authentic home-cooked food with Keita

10/19 (Sat) 5pm-8pm at Roosevelt Island

Cost: $10


・ご飯: Rice

・お味噌汁: Miso-soup

・人参しりしり: Okinawa-style stir fried carrot with egg

・鶏肉とナスの揚げ浸し: Stir-fried chicken and fried egg plant soaked with soy-sauce based sauce

・ほうれん草の胡麻和え: Lightly boiled spinach seasoned with sesame



Henry G. "It was in someone’s apartment so felt like a dinner party. The food was good, but it was hard to tell which was the main dish. Good conversation and a great view, along with this food, made for a good meal."


Chinese authentic home-cooked dinner experience

11/16 (Sat) 5pm-7pm at Roosevelt Island

Cost: $15

Host: Yulun


・肉末豆腐: Tofu with minced pork paste

・藤椒鸡: Chicken seasoned with prickly ash, ginger, garlic, and pepper

・清炒黄瓜: Lightly seasoned stir-fried cucumber

・米饭: Streamed white rice



James C. “it is a very nice exprience which reminds me my hometown : )


Amber C. "Fantastic Food! Good place and Good “Chef”".


Authentic 3 course Indian cuisine lunch experience

11/24 (Sun) 1pm-3pm at Long Island City

Cost: $20 per person

Host: Eshka


・Lassi (sweet yogurt drink)

・Samosa with green chutney (Appetizer)

・Creamy cashew-nut curry chicken

・Naan bread or brown basmati rice

・Gulab Jamun (dessert)



Mo. “Why hadn't I heard of this (AuthenticEat) till now ?!”





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